The IT STARTS HERE campaign aims to start a conversation around young men's struggles with toxic ideas of masculinity and how those play a part in patterns of violence against women. The campaign consists of various posters, each one showing one of our Ambassadors: Young men attending schools at the Amstel Campus in Amsterdam.


Each of our Ambassadors was interviewed about his experience regarding the social and emotional limitations that come with masculinity. What is it like to identify as a man in a modern society that both praises and challenges traditional masculinity? How to navigate the pressure of performative masculinity while staying true to oneself?


By combining personal quotes from those interviews with visual portraits, this campaign wishes to explore these questions and give voice to a generation of young men who want to proactively take part in ending gender violence.


IT STARTS HERE targets young men that may be facing these limitations or having difficulty starting a conversation about the expectations that come with being a man. We need to take a stand against gender based violence and start having the conversation now.




IT STARTS HERE is a project initiated by BUROBRAAK, fueled by ‘Deltaplan’ from EMANCIPATOR and is part of the international White Ribbon Campaign.

It is created by BUROBRAAK and OUR BODIES OUR VOICE STUDENT BOARD UVA. The project is Funded by The Knowledge Mile BIZ, Emancipator (Deltaplan), The Chief Diversity Officers team of the UvA and BUROBRAAK.




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